Xin Dau Ji @Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Xin Dau Ji –  Famous for its roasted cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong. Thanks to a close friend in Hong Kong for the recommendation. Very traditional cantonese restaurant with their cutlery printed with their name on it.

My first taste of the roast pigeon was too oily and the meat too tough when i first went to HK for the first time in year 2007. It was only a first bite and i decided that the famous roast pigeon was not for me. Subsequent few visits to HK was without roast pigeon on my food list.

At first, I was really very reluctant to have it again, even with significant persuasion effort from my friend to try it. But i had to try it since its so highly recommended by my friend and she really never gave up asking me to try.

The verdict : Xin Dau Ji changed my opinion, completely, of the roast pigeon! The skin was crispy and the thin layer of oil in between the meat complements the whole taste of the roast pigeon together with the plum sauce. The savoury sweet fast in your mouth which i can’t simply put into words – thumbs up!

燒乳豬 – crispy skin with a thin layer of oil beneath it adds to the taste. Every bite is crispy!

招牌豉油皇炒麵 Fried wanton noodle – First time having fried wanton noodle and i had 3 helpings-oops!! The noodle texture is just right with the QQ taste together with bean sprouts and their mild spicy chilli sauce-shiok! Its not too oily as well. You can eat it on its own. MUST EAT!!!

Highly recommended! Must Eat!!






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