Marche @JEM

Happiness is when i can have a good meal and catch-up session at a place with good ambience with my sister and best friends 🙂
Did not actually went to Marche for a long long time.
Was surprised that the pasta and pizza are quite nice indeed.
You can mix and match the ingredients for the pasta and pizza as you preferred. Tried 3 of the combi:
–> the caesar salad with roast chicken
–> pineapple & ham thin crust pizza- love the crispy thin crust (note: crispy thin crust) of the pizza with the tangy pineapples in each bite. Look at the whole piece of freshly cut tomatoes in it-spells shiok to tomatoes lovers like me!
–> pasta with mushrooms & linguini- matches so well with the crispy bread and cold dish of veggies tooth-picked at the side.
What took me by surprise is the effort they took to design the hot chocolate-bunny & bear on 2 HC that we ordered. Its soooo cute that you couldn’t bear to drink the HC as the bunny or bear will be destroyed, sob sob… Usually most places will onli do designs on coffee. Thumbs up for the crew.
Try the HC and share with me what design they surprised you with 🙂
Tables are a bit small though but they will gladly provide you with additional side tables to accomodate your orders.




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