Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ @Esplanade

I was introduced by a good friend years ago to this korean BBQ restaurant opened by authentic koreans. After the first try, it has been many regular visits to this restaurant. Many famous korean stars visited this place too (see image). They have many delicious starters that they serve before meals, as you can see in the pictures below. The sauces are delicious too to match with the barbecued beef and pork. For 4 persons, we usually would order a beef and a pork set, a soup for 4. If we feel like having more, we will add in a chicken set. The food will be barbecued by the experienced waiters and waitresses to perfection, so that it tastes just nice, not too tough or not too raw especially for the beef. If you are a meat lover, i bet you can’t resist the meat they prepared. Forgotten to take a pic of the barbecued meat (PS: this shows that the food is too delicious, haha…). Not forgetting the mushroom they serve with each meat portion, its so juicy, that me and my friends have to fight over it.

After the meal, it has been a routine to take a walk near the river before heading home.

If you are looking for authentic korean BBQ, Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ is the one for you. It is located at Esplanade Mall, #01-13A/B. Pls make it a point to make a reservation @ 6337 8880 as they usually do not allow walk-ins. Prices are in the medium range.

Share with me if you like the korean BBQ as much as my friends and i 🙂 Enjoy!!

1) Jang Shou Korean BBQ-Table Sheet 2) Jang Shou Korean BBQ-Starters1 3) Jang Shou Korean BBQ-Starters2 5) Jang Shou Korean BBQ-Sauces 4) Jang Shou Korean BBQ-Pork & Beef


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