My ‘Yellow’ Ruler Which Used To Be ‘Transparent’!

A question to you: do you have something which you have used for more than a decade? How does it look like now and which phase of your life did it accompany you through?

I was packing my books and pencil case yesterday, took all the stationary out from the pencil case which really needs to be washed and nostagia sets in as i see the 15cm ruler which i have been using since primary one. The ruler used to be transparent, after many many years (~25 years), yellow became its new dresscode. This ruler has been with me through most of the exams in school and even after school, just like the one which i had a few days ago.

Together with it are the small size stapler, mechanical pencil lead box and the ‘usual’ brand of eraser which the 1980s kids are familiar with! All these have been with me for more than ten year!

Things change, people change and the years pass us by, it is these simple little things which made me look back and smile at the wonderful memories i’ve had in school.


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