Barcook Bakery

I chanced upon this bakery while i was meeting up with a friend at Novena area. The long queue (which was at non peak hour) drew my attention to it.

One of its famous bread, is the raisin cream cheese bread. There are juicy raisins admist the thin layer of cream cheese baked to a soft fluffy appearance. The cheese is not too much which makes one feel so full that one is enough, in fact, i can eat two for breakfast and still want to have another one. This is so far the only raisin cream cheese bread that i will buy. Once you have a taste of this, you will know what i mean.

Another bread which is not baked everyday is the chocolate banana cake bread. Topped with bits of chocolate on the top, the main ingredient inside is actually banana cake. A very innovative and asian taste which blend bread and banana cake together, it’s definately not only for banana cake lovers! The banana cake inside is moist and not too sweet, also great for people who doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

For the health conscious people, the bakery also sells muesli bread slices, which comes in packet of half loaf and one loaf.

Most of the breads are freshly baked every morning, so you can expect it to be freshness guaranteed!

Barcook Bakery is located at Square 2, Novena, near to the Yami Yogurt stall. Be sure to expect an even longer queue during peak hours! Try it and let me know which one you like best 🙂





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