Sweat It Out !

To me, a great weekend starts with some form of an exercise after a busy week at work.

Today, i did a 5km slow walk cum jog for a start after the usual stretching and warm up exercise, and of course cool down and breathing exercises after the run.

Benefits of Running:

I run to basically maintain my weight at a healthy number and to keep fit. Cardiovascular exercise such as running allows you to burn calories and the amount of calories burned will depend upon how fast and how long you run.

Running as well as other cardiovascular exercises (swimming, cycling … etc) strengthens the heart. This is because running keeps the arteries open and blood flowing more easily. They expand and contract more often, increasing their elasticity. Thus it lowers blood pressure and keeps the heart from working too hard to pump blood. The lungs also benefits as exercising makes one takes deeper breaths, which increases lung capacity over time.

Cardiovascular exercises stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that block pain and enable you to experience euphoric (happy) feelings. They are released during strenuous exercises. The chemicals make runners feel energized both during and after the exercise.

It feels great to sweat it all out, after a good run. I am sure many runners do agree with me!

Let us all incorporate exercise as part of our to do list every week, though the most difficult part is keep it as a routine!

Did you have a healthy week by doing some form of exercise this week? Share with me what you did today 🙂


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