Penang Street

I had lunch with a group of colleagues at Penang Street last friday. As the name suggests, there are many local Penang delights which one can have at this cosy restaurant. The chef’s recommendations includes their famous nasi lemak, bua long long drink, fried kway tiao … etc …



This is one of the chef’s recommendation – Nasi Lemak! It come with the usual lemak (coconut milk) rice with omelette, achar, fried ikan bilis and peanuts, and of course a huge serving of the crispy chicken thigh. The chicken thigh, though is fried, is not oily and it blends perfectly well with the chilli. As always, the achar, which consists of raw cucumber, carrot and pineapple, is not too sourly marinated. And did i say that i had mine with white rice, yes (!) they do give you white rice upon request. This makes it less sinful when you have a hearty meal for lunch 🙂



This is halal ‘lo bak’, which mean braised pork in Hokkien. It comes with century egg topped with marinated ginger, fried tau kua (beancurd), and fried ngoh hiang (which is filled with prawns and chicken meat plus chopped chestnut). Dip the ngoh hiang and fried tau kua into the braised gravy, its heavenly!



This is Assam Laksa. Generally yummy as described by my friend, its great for people who loves spicy foods.



Barley – I had it warm and without sugar syrup. Perfect for those who doesn’t like sweet drinks.


Cold longan ice tea – Not sweet (my friend has to add syrup into it), logan was a little too stingy i thought.



Sour plum juice – the perfect drink after sinful lunch or on a warm humid day!



Bua long long drink – Chef’s recommendation. It was sold out when we tried to order it, a pity! Ask me how i got a photo of it, i asked permission from the table next to us, so that i could feature it.



I particularly love this decor on the side of the restaurant, it says ‘Good food is to be shared with people you love.’

Penang Street is located at National University Hospital (NUH) Medical Centre, Level 1.

What have you had with the people you love? Do share them with me 🙂

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