Samy’s Curry Restaurant

Happiness is having delicious indian food.

I believe Samy’s Curry is not unfamiliar to you. It is well-known for its south indian cuisine and is passed down to the second generation since it started in 1950s.

Although i am not a fan of indian cuisine, but i do enjoy having samy’s indian food once in a while with my colleagues and bosses. We never fail to clear their very delicious fish head curry-it is one of their famous dish. Other famous dishes include the fish cutlet and masala chicken. Yummy!! Most of the dishes at samy’s are spicy. I can’t take spicy food very well, so do some of my colleagues. So having some cold drinks before we start is a good choice. Usually we will have samy’s lime juice. Its not too sour and the coldness really does help in reducing the level of the spiciness in the dishes. Some of their delicious and spicy dishes are mutton, sambal prawns and fish roe masala. I prefer the non-spicy ones like chicken tikka, cabbage dahl and fish cutlet. We always finish the meal with a cup of hot teh tarik or hot ginger tea.

If you can’t take much spicy food like i do, i would suggest you match more of the non-spicy dishes with less spicy dishes with white rice or briyani rice.

We have seen many tourists as well as caucasians working in SG at Samy’s. Samy’s Curry is the place for fine south indian cuisine. It is located at 25 Dempsey Road. Reservations can be made at 6472 2080. It is open for lunch from 11am to 3pm and for dinner from 6pm to 10pm and  close for business every tuesdays. They offer catering as well. Visit their website for more information.

1) Samys Curry-Papadum

Favourite crackers before we start our meal

2) Samys Curry-Briyani Rice

Briyani rice

3) Samys Curry-Fish Head Curry

Samy’s famous fish head curry-medium size. My favourite even though its spicy! Always finish off the fish head curry (see below).

13) Samys Curry-End Product of Fish Head Curry 5) Samys Curry-Chicken Tingkat

Cauliflower-its red due to the colouring. Nicely fried and crispy both inside and outside. This is not spicy.

6) Samys Curry-Spicy Mutton Cubes

Spicy mutton. The spiciness is a level of 8 out of 10 for me.

7) Samys Curry-Masala CHicken2

Masala chicken (front) & chicken tikka (back)

8) Samys Curry-Spicy Quail Eggs

Spicy fish roe masala & fish cutlet

11) Samys Curry-Leftover Dishes 14) Samys Curry-Teh Tarik

hot and not too sweet the tarik after the meal-shiok!!

15) Samys Curry-Restaurant Name Outside1 18) Samys Curry-Restaurant Name Outside3


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