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Happiness is having my Ippudo ramen in Singapore!

Met up with my longest and oldest (in terms of years we know each other- been 18 years since secondary school days) friend, who is a bride-to-be this month end (Congrats, so happy for her) for dinner. We decide unanimously to go for Ippudo located at Westgate Mall.

There was a queue when we were there at dinner time. While in the queue, friendly waiters and waitresses pass us the menu and gave us ample time to choose what we wanted before we made our order and the texture of the ramen, whether you prefer it soft, medium or hard. Its only about a 10 to 15 minutes wait before we went in. Thumbs up! They maintained the main Hakata shop deco of bowls on the interior walls of the restaurant. They also have a ‘basket’ underneath your seat to place your belongings-space saving. Make me feel like i am in Hakata Ippudo main restaurant 🙂 We ordered an ice green tea and orange juice to go with our classic and modern ramen and gyoza. My friend ordered the modern ramen with miso, one bite in it and she exclaimed ‘Wah! Very nice!’. Moments later, she emptied out the ramen as well as the soup. She gave a thumbs up!! She says ‘dieting starts tomorrow!’ haha…  I had the Classic ramen, same as what i had in Hakata, for a comparison. Though they look about the same in presentation and appearance, it does not taste the same as the original one in Fukuoka. My cousin mentioned before that someone on the web once said ‘Once you’ve tried the Ippudo ramen in Fukuoka… No other ramen will taste as good anymore.’ I guess thats what i felt. Okay, enough of the ramen, now its their gyoya. The gyoza is not comparable to the original one in Hakata. Its very soft and oily, and when its eaten cold, its slightly hard. Fukuoka’s version is crispy, both when eaten warm and cold. I was slightly disappointed that they did not serve the side dish of kimchi-like bean sprouts which taste very refreshing when eaten on its own and goes very well with the ramen.

Well, the queue does gets longer when its later. Not to worry, the queue moves fast because many people just ate and left. Probably its not a place for people to sit down and chit chat, its more for a quick dinner before people heads home or to run some errands, since its located in the heartland.

Ippudo ramen is located at Westgate Mall, #03-03, just next to Jurong East MRT station. For more information, visit their website at www.ippudo.com.sg.

Have you tried the Ippudo ramen in Singapore and/ or the original one in Fukuoka? If you have, let me know how you like them 🙂


2) Ippudo-Table Setting6) Ippudo-Wall Deco


Wall deco @Ippudo Singapore

3) Ippudo-Modern Ramen

Modern ramen with miso in Ippudo Singapore

4) Ippudo-Classic Ramen

Classic ramen @Ippudo Singapore

5) Ippudo-Gyoza

Soft and oily Gyoza in Singapore outlet- will not recommend


Hakata Ippudo in Fukuoka

IMG_4607 IMG_4608

Classic ramen in Hakata Ippudo


Crispy and not oily gyoza in Hakata Ippudo-second helping pls!


Very yummy kimchi-like bean sprouts in Hakata Ippudo-thumds up




Space saving concept seen in both SG and Hakata-basket underneath your seat to place your bags 🙂

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