Strawberry & Milk Popcorn

Happiness is having junk food on weekends! Since i don’t get to eat them working days.
This strawbery and milk popcorn caught my attention while queue-ing to pay for my stuffs at Daiso. Its a product of Korea. I was greeted by the light strawberry fragrant more than the milk flavour when i open the top seal to it. Wow! Milk coated popcorns tasted slightly stronger than the strawberry coated ones when taken separately. I like to eat them together to bring out the stawberry and cream flavour 🙂
It comes in Caramel flavour too.
This product contains traces of nuts and soy, pls do take note if you are allergic to them.
You can get them from Daiso mart in Singapore at only $2 each!
Try it! Happy munching!



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