Melon Mint Fru Tea CBTL

Happiness is having a refreshing drink in tropical Singapore 🙂
This melon mint fru tea is newly introduced by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Fresh rock melon is added with mint to a touch of tea blended with ice. Very refreshing and cooling suitable for the hot and humid weather in tropical Singapore. I only bought a small one to try out and immediately regretted-should have bought a large one!
Another version of this melon drink is the Melon Mint Ice Blended. Its a caffine free treat of sweet and creamy melon. Have yet to try this out. Will surely try it the next time i am at Coffee Bean. I am sure it will taste as yummy and refreshing as the fru tea version.
You can find the melon drinks at all CBTL outlets. Prices are at $7.50, $8.50 and $8.90 for small, medium and large respectively for both drinks.
Try it before its gone! Let me know which one you like better.




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