Blackball Taiwanese Dessert

Happiness is simply having icy cold desserts after a meal 🙂

I was first introduced by a friend who bought the classic cold grass jelly for us during the very bad haze (PSI 400++) that affected many of us in Singapore last year. At that time, many people are keeping their masks on outdoors, trying to keep out from breathing in the micro particles in the air. We are also trying out many recipes of herbal tea or ‘liang teh-s’ from our grandma’s and mum’s generation to keep healthy. Grass jelly has cooling effect, good for both the hot and humid weather in singapore as well as during the haze period that is coming to us (soon! warning from the papers. I hope not).

Blackball is the No. 1 grass jelly dessert chain in Taiwan. Their grass jelly is made with 100% natural ingredients, freshly flown from Guanxi, Taiwan. It is low in calories — say ‘WOW’! Good choice of desserts for the increasing health conscious Singaporeans. The blackball special series come in warm, hot, cold or icy. If you are having it at their shop, its best to have the icy ones, with a choice of either winter melon shaved ice or grass jelly shaved ice. Unlike the other grass jellies or desserts with plain shaved ice that we have at other dessert places, these winter melon or grass jelly shaved ice does not dilute the taste of the grass jelly even when it melts, especially when we tend to eat it slower while catching up with a group of friends. These shaved ice maintained the flavour of the original grass jelly. Thumbs up!

I tried the blackball basic and blackball signature, both with grass jelly shaved ice. Blackball basic is only the herbal jelly with the grass jelly shaved ice. Blackball signature consists of herbal jelly with YamQ, golden sweet potato, sweet potato balls, yam balls, soft cooked red beans and pearls with grass jelly shaved ice. Alternatively, if you don’t like these stuffs they is found in the blackball signature, you can have the ‘Mix and Match’ up to 4 types of honey yam, green beans, pudding, lotus, kidney beans, black sugar conjac, nata d coco etc. Or if you like it with just 1 or lots of sides, the top of of each sides is at $0.70 to $1.10. I like it cold when i ‘tabao’ or pack it home to have it after dinner with my family.

They also have the taiwan winter melon tea series, traditional teas, fresh milk series, specialty drinks and crushed ice drinks series.

Blackball outlets are located at CityVibe Mall, The Star Vista, Bugis, Katong 112, IMM, Harbourfront Centre and United Square. Price ranges from $2.70 to $4.90 for the drinks and $3.40 to $5,40 for the grass jelly desserts.

Give it a try and tell me which ones you fancy!

1) Blackball-Blackball Classic Grass Jelly Icy

Blackball Classic – Herbal Jelly with Grass Jelly Shaved Ice

2) Blackball-Blackball Signature Icy

Blackball Signature with Grass Jelly Shaved Ice

4) Blackball-Advertisement

Blackball embassador-Actor Zhang Yaodong

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