Tiramisu Frappuccino Blended Beverage

I have always been an avid fan of coffee and thus, was instantly attracted to this Frappuccino blended beverage from Starbucks!

Think of having a piece of tiramisu cake and a cuppa coffee at a cafe in summer – this was my exact first thought after sipping this drink!

This tiramisu blended beverage is an icy blend of delicious coffee, topped with bits of coffee drenched cookie biscuits, cheesecake inspired whipped cream, Tiramisu sauce drizzle and dusting of cocoa powder. It’s tiramisu sauce contains the Starbucks Italian roast coffee which is unique to this cafe and has a special taste.

I personally love mixing the cheesecake inspired whipped cream together with the ice blended fruppuccino. It just taste great 🙂

You can also ask for decaf if you want to 🙂

Starbucks also has a strawberry cheesecake fruppuccino blended beverage for non coffee lovers this summer.

Prices starts from $7.60 for a venti sized beverage and the offer ends this July. So hurry and get one for yourself!





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