Rich & Good Cake Shop

Happiness is having nice, yummy swiss rolls after dinner on a friday to welcome the weekend 🙂
This is definitely one cake shop that i would recommend for the best swiss rolls in Singapore. Rich & Good Cake Shop is a small, traditional bakery along Kandahar Street. As with many others who came to try their swiss rolls, i started with two of their best-sellers, kaya and durian. I love the generous (according to my standard of not too thin or too thick) spread of kaya in their swiss rolls. Its not too sweet, good for the increasing healthier singaporeans. Its my sister’s and my favourite! For durian lovers, you are in for a treat. Why do i say that? It’s because no other cake shop or bakery makes durian swiss rolls! Most of them does the common durian puffs, cakes etc. You can see the durian pulp when you slice them. Of course, they taste good(!) at a reasonable price too. Their durian swiss roll is my mum’s favourite-never fail to buy one for her when i am there. Subsequently, they have many varieties including mandarin orange, green tea and red beans, chocolate, mango, strawberry, blueberry etc. Another of my favourite is the mandarin orange. Its very refreshing when you chew the fresh orange pieces in it. The green tea with red beans is quite weak and has very little red beans (my personal opinion). Mango, strawberry and blueberries are yummy too.
Rich and good cake shop is located at 24 Khadahar Street and can be contacted at 62943324. Each roll is reasonably priced at $8. Do give it a try when you are around Arab street and let me know which is your favourite swiss roll flavour! Enjoy!








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