Langham Place Hotel (朗毫酒店)

Langham Place Hotel is the hotel that i recently stayed in during my trip to Hong Kong! A five star luxury hotel at Mongkok, which was recommended by a friend who stays here when he gets posted to work in HK.


This is the entrance of the hotel from the shopping mall. Very convenient and ideal place to stay for meals just next to the hotel or to navigate around on the island with the MTR which is linked to the shopping mall 🙂

An open air swimming pool on its highest 42nd storey with is accessible from the 41st storey by a flight of stairs. The hotel’s gym, spa (Chuan Spa) are all located on its 41st storey.


An enclose area just after the flight of stairs where towels are kept, in case you need extra. Love this neatly folded stack of clean towels arrangement!


One more place where towels are kept at the so called reception area.


The heated rooftop one air swimming pool, i guess the picture says it all!


Lots of sitting place where one can do sun-tanning on a bright sunny day or swimming in the day. Some relaxation reading at night with a cuppa drink while enjoying the flow of water and admiring the sky for some star gazing sounds wonderful as well 🙂


Fabulous dining areas at the hotel includes Ming court, an exquisite Michelin star cantonese cuisine restaurant on the 6th storey.

I have personally tried it, WOW (!) is the word for it 🙂


Hotel reception is a spacious area with comfortable chairs and sofas to sit on while waiting … And did i mention an effortless check in for us in our room instead of queue-ing up at its reception!


Its concierge area, always with some there 24/7!

As with other hotels, tall ceilings and chandeliers are a norm here as well 🙂


Our room was on the 29th storey, with an overview of Langham shopping centre and Mongkok. We asked for 3 persons in a room, a choice of a combination of either a queen size bed and a single bed or three single beds in the room. Personally liked it that we were not greeted with the bathroom at the sides when we entered. A reasonable walkway with the wardrobe and tea corner at the left was basically what greeted me when i stepped into the room. The beds were after the walkway, and the huge spacious bathroom was right in front of the second and third single beds. Sliding door of the bathroom saves up space instead of the usual ‘door opening inwards’ to the huge bathtub and shower area. The flat screen television could be pulled out and sideways depending on which bed you are lying down at, very convenient and easy us stayers in the room.

Arglye Street which is just diagonally across from the hotel, where you can find lots of shopping and the famous Koi Kei Bakery, which is famous for its almond biscuits and pastries. Shuntung Street is just two streets across the hotel, where you will find the famous wife biscuits – Hang Heung Bakery. Along the streets, there are shops selling the famous egg shaped biscuits and curry fish balls as well as other local snacks.

Ladies market is also at walking distance from Mongkok MTR, and so is the famous ‘bo hai’ street where sneakers and sport shoes are sold.

You can visit for more details on Langham Place Hotel and Hong Kong Tourism Board for more sightseeing, shopping, dining and tourist attractions!

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