Long Long Lunch Buffet

Happiness is having a buffet lunch on saturday when i am not working πŸ™‚ Seen their advertisement twice, once in Straits Times and the other in i-weekly magazine. Couldn’t resist the asian buffet by Pan Pacific Hotel which is only available on saturdays (its a luxury for me as i work on saturdays too!).

Let’s start with the foods. Local delights first.

Char kway teow– fried kway teow with black sauce with or without chilli, big prawns, chinese sausage, eggs and generous amount of bean sprouts, spells SHIOK!

Laksa– thick or thing beehoon, or yellow mee, with mildly spicy laksa gravy consisting tau pok, fish cake and bean sprouts top with chopped laksa leaves. Its my favourite! Talking about it now makes me drool!

Popiah– local delight made up of cooked turnip and carrots, lined with smashed eggs, chopped garlic and a little chilli wrapped with thin popiah skin. The popiah chef is not stingy with the ingredients-thumbs up!

Rojak– bean spouts, turnip, cucumber, tau pok, kang kong with fruits such as pineapples, guava, green apples and jumbo are tossed and mixed with shrimp paste, a little chilli sauce and sugar, top with crunchy chopped peanuts and toasted cuttlefish. Just love the mix!

Carrot cake– pan fried to golden brown with chunks of carrots cake(there’s carrot slices in it) with egg. Its another of my favourite! Nasi Lemak– fragrant coconut milk rice with light pandan scent, to go with the crispy ikan bilis, peanuts and chicken wings and crunchy cucumber, goes so well with the not-too-spicy chilli paste. This is what i call ‘the high class nasi lemak!’ Taste as good as the hawker style.

Roasted delicacies– include hainanese chicken, roast chicken, char siew, roasted pork and roasted duck. Best to go with the chicken rice with garlic chilli sauce and black sauce! Yummylicious!

Satay– pieces of meat such as pork, chicken, mutton or beef with a little fat is cooked over charcoal. Its dipped in slightly spicy peanut sauce and eaten together. You can dip the ketupat rice, cut cucumbers or onions in it. Its so-so and the ketupat rice is not stiff enough.

Some others which i didn’t manage to try are the bak kut teh, dim sum and indian section. But i manage to take pictures~

Now is my favourite part-desserts!

Durian puffs– ‘Its comparable to those from Goodwood Park Hotel’- this is what my mum said(she is a durian lover and is a hugh fan of the durian puffs from goodwood Park Hotel). You can see the durian pulp from every mouth you take. Tou have to try it-highly recommended.

Durian Penyat– my mum’s favourite too! Lots of durian pulp in it too. Try this too!

One other durian product is the mango pomelo durian cake which has a light touch of durian scent. Mango cubes are sweet and pomelo bits are slightly bitter. Quite an amazing combination.

Assortment of malay kueks, including kueh lapis which you don’t find in many buffet places. A little disappointed with the odeh odeh, because the skin outside is too hard and when u manage to bite in, the liquified brown sugar doesn’t spill out. The 九层糕 (mutli later and coloured kueh) is chewy with a fragrant coconut scent. I like the traditional and old style square cakes in chocolate, strawberry and pandan flavour. They also have childhood biscuits like pineapple jam biscuits whic is chewy and nice, belly button biscuits with sweets coloured icing on it. Do you bite of the icing first before eating the biscuits?? Haha… I like the way the chendol agar agar is divided into the brown sugar top layer, coconut milk and green agar agar middle layer and whole red beans last. Nice!

Coconut tarts– too sweet for my liking.

The icecream paired with waffles are common in buffets.

Fried cempedak is not good at all, soft and hardly no cempedak in it.

A variety of fruits are available be it cut fruits like pineapples, jackfruits, honeydew and watermelon as well as whole fruits like apples and oranges and the uncommon rambutans and my favourite-persimmons. Didn’t try the sandwich section. Pizza is not good as well, despite the skin is thin. Its too stiff and hard, not crispy at all. Lastly, a nice cup of coffee /tea or teh tarik marks the end of my long long lunch~~ satified and happily full! *Burp*

Long Long Lunch Buffet is from 12noon to 4pm, at Edge Food Theatre @Pan Pacific Hotel, Level 3. Reservation hotline is at 68268240, call before 8pm daily. It is advisable to make a reservation to enjoy a long long lunch – just in case they are fully booked πŸ™‚ Enjoy your long long lunch…


Very rare to see persimmons and rambutans in buffets.


Condiments for bak kut teh


Onions, cucumber and ketupah rice for satays.


Nasi lemak-crispy chicken wings.


Edge Food Theatre entrance.


Assorted satays


Char kway teow-note the big prawn πŸ™‚


Popiah with generous stuffings-thumbes up!


Stiff and hard pizza skin


Love the nice colour and taste of this chendol agar agar.


Assorted malay kuehs-skin of ondeh ondeh is too hard, the rest are ok.


MUST TRY durian puffs!! From a durian puff avid fan-my mum. Is comparable to those from Goodwood Park Hotel.


More malay kuehs-skin of any ku kueh is too hard and peanuts inside are too dry.


The icing is made of meringue, so nice cos it melts in your mouth πŸ˜› Hands up if you eat the icing first before the biscuits, kekeke…


Fried cempedek without cempedek insight and taste.


Pratas and naans


Love the small tomatoes with the vines attached πŸ™‚


Cute looking mini hamburgers at the sandwich section.


My favourite laksa at just the right amount of spiciness-slurps


Too sweet (for me) coconut tarts


Never seen before kueh lapis, intact its my first time to see it πŸ™‚


Mini white and dark chocolate balls and colourful chocolate rice for your ice-cream top pin


Assorted ice-cream

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