Bear Paw @ JB City Square

Happiness is when I can find cute and tasty food to eat~

Saw this interesting bear paw store in JB City Square~
Originally from Taiwan and now they are having it at Johor Bahru.

So I decided to try it out~
I ordered a set meal~ it includes a bun, a side for you to choose, a drink.

I chose pumpkin bun with chicken cutlet + teriyaki sauce, wedges as my side dish and jasmine green tea as my drink.

Strawberry and pumpkin bun are their latest bun flavour~ they have many other types like brown sugar, whole wheat etc.

You can choose from many different sides like fries instead of wedges and also other types of sauce and drinks~

They are having promotion now RM11.80 for the set~

The bun is very nice~ the meal are served hot! Crispy wedges, tasty pumpkin bun that you can even eat it on its own. With crispy chicken cutlet~

Reasonable portion and price.

Very nice! Next time when I go there again, I will try their other buns~
The environment there is nice.
We are the only customers in store though. Maybe its on a weekday!










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