Asian Hawker Delights @East Coast Park

Happiness is having yummy food with great company 🙂

This is a more economic version of the Long Long Buffet review previously- same type of food but more friendly to your wallet, haha~~~

Spend the sunday of a long weekend at east coast park beach learning how to cycle. Managed to loan a bike at $8
per hour and tried to ‘paddle’ trying to maintain balance. It was so fun despite a heavy downpour early morning. Saw many people camping at the beach area, bbq-ing even in the late morning and lots of people cycling and jogging along the way. It is definitely a healthier way to spend the weekend.
After that, we walk a whole lot to the hawker centre at the very end, at area ‘E’.

You can find many local delights there. The chicken rice, duck rice and bak kut tek stalls had very long queue, patronised by both locals and caucasians. We skip those and had other asian delights.



Love the pan-fried carrot cake, fried to golden brown colour, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its perfect when you add  some chilli sauce to it.


Oyster Omelette, or commonly known as 蚝煎 and ‘or jian in hokkien’ is yummy too. Its fresh oyster fried with eggs and starch. Look at the big, fresh and juicy oysters! I always like to say this ‘can i have oyster omelette without the oysters??’ Haha…



Tried some fried ‘tau gua’ (bean curd) pocket filled with ‘tau pok’ aka bean curd skin, eggs and cucumber cubes on top, dipped with some pinkish sauce which is mildly sourish and a tinge of bitterness, probably from the vinegar they use. Because the ‘tau gua’ pocket and fillings are quite bland, the sauce added a refreshing taste. Must try it when you go there! Its the same stall as the otah stall.



My favourite childhood charcoal grilled chicken wings!! Its so hard to find nice ones nowadays. The wings are marinated and grilled over the charcoal grill. Its supposed to be slightly over-grilled that some parts at the corner are black in colour and most parts are brownish-red. Topped with the lime juice squeese fresh over the wings, instantly brings out the flavour. It must be eaten hot and with your hands, cos that’s how we, as kids ate or grow up eating them this way. A group of ang-mohs sitting next to us use fork from the chicken rice stall with the wings. My friends and i ask them to eat like us, with their hands. They seem puzzled at first but understand why after they tried. We even taught them to eat the end part of the wings which is the nicest even though there’s little meat in it. That’s the joy of sharing while eating :)
 Three of us ladies finished 10 wings on top of the other food. The ang-mohs, 4 of them with 2 mens, only ate 5 wings. Ladies win!!



Otahs- tried different flavours of the otahs from this chinese uncle stall. The stingray otah and sotong otah are the nicest. And both are not very spicy. Suitable for people who can’t take spicy well and kids. Didn’t manage to take a photo as all our hands are oily already-from the chicken wings, haha…



Our table full of food, finished by 3 ladies- WOW!!



Rojak. The stall signboard shows the rojak with cuttlefish, that’s why we chose the rojak from this stall. But to our disappointment, they did not have the cuttlefish 🙁 The taste is so-so only. But the ‘tau pok’ is very well toasted, very crispy. Maybe next round will try the rojak from other stalls.

Lastly, we finish our sumptuous and finger-licking-good lunch with a glass of ice sugar cane juice with lemon. So cooling!

Its a good place to have a nice meal with your family and friends on a weekend with the sun and natural breeze from the beach, away from the air-conditioned restaurants and crowd.

Do try the local delights when you visit east coast park and eat them like veteran locals in singapore!


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