Ma Maison

Happiness is having a sumptuous meal after work with a group of close friends after a hard days’ work 🙂

It was an impromptu decision to go to Ma Maison @Anchorpoint did not disappoint us. The restaurant exterior is very classy with the nice white colour border with Ma Maison on it. The interior decoration is countryside- dark brown solid wood tables, chairs and cupboards. Wow!! I love it!! It feels very homely and made me think of old english countryside bed and breakfast inn~~

While waiting for our friend and to satisfy our hunger slightly, we ordered clam chowder and onion gratin soup. Clam chowder soup is very tasty with small and fresh clams, onions and butter. Onion gratin soup is presented in a brownish tea cup with cheese overflowing from the top. Both taste very nice. We ordered one of the featured appetisers- escargots baked with garlic butter. Its reasonably priced at $9.80 for 6. The waitress put on a small fire underneath the metal plate upon serving. The escargots are small but fresh, with butter oil in it. My friend like it with some tabasco sauce.

We had a tuna and prawn salad. Its very refreshing after the escargots. The mixture of fresh vegetables including my favourite tomatoes, tuna flakes, glassy looking prawns cooked just right and olives with lemon slices topped with japanese dressing, adds a zesty and citrus taste to it. And did i mention the waitress gave us chilled bowls for the salad!- thumbs up.

We chose 2 main course, the beef stroganoff and seafood paella. The butter rice is wrapped up with egg omelette. Tender sliced beef cooked in their special brown sauce is a perfect match with the fragrant butter rice. The butter rice is as good when eaten on its own too!

Seafood Paella is one of Ma Maison specialities. The rice is fried with small clams and onions, topped with scallops and prawns. I find it so-so only, slightly disappointed. Still prefer the seafood platter from Manhattan Fish though.

Ma Maison is a restaurant with great countryside ambience where you can gather with a small group of friends, have some good food and wine if you like, and do some catching up. Its is located at Anchorpoint, #01-12. Reservations must be made 1 day in advance. Other Ma Maison restaurants are located at Bugis Junction, The Central, Parco Marina Bay and Bugis+.

Have you been to Ma Maison? Share with me what you like from them!


Entrance of Ma Maison @Anchorpoint.


Do you feel hungry with all the so-real-looking-food waving to you, saying ‘Eat me! Eat me!’ So evil right??


This is my favourite part of the restaurant. Love the way they place the picture frames randomly above the raw brick fireplace with the fake gas pipe. So english bed and breakfast style!! It made me think of a hot cup of english breakfast tea with a piece of strawberry shortcake and a book in my hand, looking out from the window, people watch. Enjoying a leisurely good time!- My sister says ‘Dream on!’ Opps~~~



Love the countryside decorations in Ma Maison.



Ma Maison’s menu, separated into food and beverage.


Clam chowder soup. I like it with a bit of grated pepper.


Onion gratin soup. Look at the cheese spilling over the tea cup- slurps!



Escargots baked with garlic butter. Reasonable price for a good appetiser choice.


The small escargot from its shell.


Refreshing citrus tuna and prawn salad. Love it!



Beef stroganoff – yummy!!


Ma Maison Specialities- Seafood Paella. Nothing very special.

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