NUS’ Western Food Stall at Science Canteen

Lunch – a mid day meal which is very important to me especially when the afternoons are very hectic. My friend volunteered to get lunches for us on a busy day this week and he came back with cheap and delicious foods from National University of Singapore (NUS)’s science canteen.

Western food stall:



This is grilled chicken with french fries, baby carrots and hash brown. chicken was grilled just nice (basically i do not see any overcooked parts which are black) and does not have too much of fats in it. Not oily at all, so one feels less sinful. I had mine with sides of baby carrots and hash brown, yummy!


My friend had this, the same grilled chicken, with sides of corn and hash brown. Corn was sweet and crunchy and definitely not overcooked.

One can also get fish and chips, chicken chop and pork chop (grilled or fried), beef and mutton too!

Their sides includes coleslaw, corn, baby carrots and hash brown. Both lunches cost us $3.10, cheap and delicious and filling.

Do expect a long queue and big crowd especially during lunch hours.

Do drop by NUS’ science canteen for more foods!

Stay tuned to the next post by me from NUS Science canteen as well ….


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