McDonald’s Light Up Your Night!

McDonald’s – A fast food restaurant where people of all ages will frequent! Went to a McDonald’s near my home after dinner yesterday and saw their ALL NEW Light Up the Night menu for night lovers. Some of their staffs went around letting the customers try their new burger, a very good move by the restaurant for publicity 🙂



Twilight Delight – Creamy vanilla soft serve served with rich chocolate brownie bits. The chocolate brownie bits are warm and it melts in your mouth! You will not go wrong with this classic pair up 🙂


Grand twilight burger – Juicy quarter pound beef patty with steak sauce, onions and egg in a sesame seed bun. Meal includes a fries and a drink.


Classic twilight burger – quarter punter beef patty with turkey bacon, nacho cheese sauce and tomatoes with sesame seed bun. Meal comes with a dink and fries.

Feast includes either burger with fries, grapefruit mcfizz and midnight delight.



Sharing platter consists of garden salad, sunset dream, McWings and chicken McNuggets – definitely sounds good during a catch up session or just for snack time!


So there is something for everyone to enjoy during the night, no matter where you are!

For more information, you can visit their website:


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