NUS’ Ayam Penyet at Science Canteen!

This famous ayam penyet stall at NUS science canteen has been around for a while, one can expect its queue to be long especially during peak hours like lunchtime. Do not be overwhelmed by their long queue as this is one of the fastest moving queue! Their famous ayam pen yet tops the first on my lunch list should i have enough time to walk out for lunch there from my workplace.


Ayam penyet

This is their famous ayam penyet – huge serving of fried chicken thigh served with a fried tau kua (beancurd), with fresh green lettuce and sliced cucumber and tomatoes. Had this with just plain rice. Of course, you can also ask for curry sauce with your plain rice. Though its fried, it is not oily, definitely one of the best ayam penyet in Singapore! A thumbs up and a must try if you are around the area 🙂

Lemongrass checken rice - Take 1

Lemongrass chicken rice – chicken cooked with lemongrass – spicy yet super nice 🙂

Can you spot the sambal belacan (traditional Malay home-made chilli sauce) at the left side of the rice? It is very spicy, nonetheless i still ate it together with the chicken as it brings out the flavour in the foods.

Steam chicken rice

Steam chicken rice – comes with black sauce on the chicken and curry vegetables was added upon request. Black sauce was not oily and goes perfectly well with the sambal belacan!Super yummy as well!

All these costs under $5 and are very filling!

Do drop by and try if you are around the area. The stall is definitely open during the weekdays 🙂


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