Healthier Snacking Choice @Marks & Spencer

Happiness is munching healthier snacks in between meal time 🙂

Found these healthier choice of snacks while walking around in the food section of Marks & Spencer yesterday. There are a few more varieties but i choose 2 which i like the best and wanted to try them first.

The first is the Sultana, apple & cinnamon breakfast biscuits. Plain oat flakes and wholemeal wheat flour together with sultanas, dried apples, prune puree and concentrated prune juice made up this crunchy oat biscuits that are suitable for both breakfast as well as snacks in between meals. There’s also thiamin which helps to release energy from food intake, so that it minimise these energy to convert and store as sugar in our body. This in turn reduces weight gain and sugar levels. It also provides a source of fibre as compared to normal biscuits. Because of the prune juice and fruit bits, its mild natural fruit flavour enhances the bland taste of oats. It comes in convenient packs of 9 in each box, with 2 pieces in each packets. Suitable for people on the go. They are having a promotional price at $4.90. Original price is at $5.90. Its suitable for vegetarians and its available in honey flavour as well. Do take note of the NUT allergy for this pack of biscuits.

The other is the Fruity popcorn bars. Almost half (49%) of the popcorn bars are made up of dried apricots, cranberries, blueberries, sultanas and dates. The rest is made up of the popcorns, sugar, glucose syrup, cornflakes and honey. I like how they manage to put in the dried fruit bits into popcorns to make them a healthier cereal snack with 95 calories in each bar- thumbs up!! They make the normal cereal bar more interesting, both visually and in taste. This popcorn bars are priced at $8.90 each, for a pack of 4. It is also suitable for vegetarians. Do take note of  PEANUT, NUT, SESAME, MILK, WHEAT, BARLEY, SPELT and SOYA allergy.

Healthier snacks with better taste – why not??

Both are available at Marks & Spencer’s food section.

Happy fridays to all!


Higher source of fibre in this sultana, apple & cinnamon breakfast biscuits! Thumbs up!!


Oat biscuits taste so much nicer with the infuse of fruit bits 🙂


Conveniently packed with 2 pieces in each packet


New guilt-free snacking-only 95 calories per bar! Ideal for snacking in between meal times.


Fruity popcorn bars comes in box of 4s


See the fruit bits in the popcorn bar 😀


Fruity popcorn bars & sultana, apple and cinnamon breakfast biscuits


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