Jawbone product review

Review- Thanks Jawbone (distributed by Ban Leong) for getting us to review this Jawbone UP device.

I must say that this wellness lifestyle device that not just measure our steps and amount of sleep, it also act as our friendly companion who gives us health tips, food intake, monitor our weight, reminds us of diet and more. All this through its main APP: UP & other relevant APPs. Simply download it’s APP: UP and you can start your health regime now.

Only just started using for 2 days, I have registered a more than 12,000 steps for 1st day but a merely 3 hours of quality sleep so now I know what I should be working on!

Will continue to work on this and explore the APP towards a healthy lifestyle

Available in 3 sizes (S,M,L) and several colours (mine is bright orange)
Sold in major electronic stores

More details do contact: contact@thelifestyleassociate.com




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