Apple and Walnut Bread

Bread is a staple for me everyday as well as a must have for breakfast every morning!

I was a little disappointed when i arrived early at Johan Bakery at Westgate when their chocolate orange bread was sold out before 12 noon. I guess this Japanese lady at the bakery has seen me patronising the shop often, so she recommended this apple walnut bread to me.

It looks like a baguette on the outside, baked to a golden crispy colour with walnut and apple bits inside the bread.
It’s big and very filling, perfect to keep my stomach full on a busy morning! There are apple bits on every bite – not small pieces but rather, sizeable apple bits that brings out the sweetness of the bread with every bite.

Johan bakery sells other breads as well, including my favourites chocolate orange bread, raisin crossiant, raisin bread 6 per pack), corn bread, sweet potato and walnut bread and their cream puff is a must try when you visit the bakery. It is located at Westgate level B2, just next to isetan supermarket!






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