Prima Deli Rainbow Cake

Rainbow makes me Happy!

This cakes looks so nice.
Have been seeing so many rainbow cakes, but yet to try one myself.

For me, I always have this idea that every layer have its own different flavours. But its actually not. All taste the same just different colours. Soft sponge cake.

I cant imagine different flavours layers added up and I eat them together.
The taste will be very werid I guess.

This cake is awesome. Not too sweet, the taste is just right. As usual, I don’t really like to eat cream that is on the cake. For those “cream” fans, they say its nice.

This cake is slightly more expensive than normal prima cakes. I believe its because of the different rainbow layers. More effort needed to make this cake.

The rainbow layers are not very bright. Which I prefer. Because it means that they put in lesser food dye? Suppose to be good I guess. Though its not as fancy as other rainbow cakes.

But nevertheless, this cake is still very special and awesome! Tumbs up!

This rainbow cake brightens up everyone of us there.

By the way, those Happy Birthday candles are sold seperately. They only provides normal candles.




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