Pokka Melon Milk

Happiness is when you drink something you like

Seldom see this in the supermarket.
Lucky there is a Pokka vending machine near my house selling this.
Though the price will be slightly more expensive than you buy in the supermarket. Its $1.40 here, if I’m not wrong supermarket selling at $1.20each

New package for this Pokka Melon Milk. The picture shown the old design (in the vending machine display) and New design (the can in my hand).

Both looks awesome to me. I’m more concern anout the taste. Is it still the same.
After trying, I feel that it taste slightly different. Compare to last time, I feel that this taste more milky and lesser of the melon taste. I still prefer the old one.
I am not sure but overall for the taste of melon milk, Pokka is still my best choice.

Have you drink this before? Do share with me how u feel? Do you like it?



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