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Weekends are best spent with family and loved ones. I love having nice meals with them as this is the time where all of us are not working, no one is rushing for time and we can enjoy and savour our meals at our own pace leisurely. Last weekend, i had a dim sum cum brunch with my cousins, auntie and niece, we originally planned to go to the Imperial Treasure at Takashimaya level 5 for brunch, however it was closed for renovation and my mum’s friend recommended this Imperial Seafood Restaurant at JEM, so we decided to give it a try.

We were given a table in a private room as there were 8 of us, a very homely decorated restaurant with friendly waiters and waitresses at your service. Dim sum and porridge was ordered first followed my the main dishes.


Century egg porridge with sliced lean meat – the authentic cantonese porridge that can’t go wrong with having dim sum, smooth and delicious, right to its very last mouthful!


What is a dim sum meal without char siew bao? Lean meat char siew wrapped in soft flour skin, as good as what you can get, this is thumbs up!


Steaming hot har gow (freshly peeled prawns wrapped in thin cystal flour skin) – My niece’s favourite as she can eat four pieces and perhaps more, by herself!



Liu Sa Bao – a steam bun with salted egg yolk in it. As you can see, the salted egg yolk is flowing out from the bun, this is absolutely delicious (though sinful due to the high cholesterol content), i would only have one. And be sure to eat it while hot πŸ™‚


Fried carrot cake – thin slices of carrot, with yam and chinese sausage (lap cheong) are the main ingredients, nicely pan fried to golden colour, one can have i just on its own or with some chilli sauce. Yummy!


Steam chicken claws with black bean sauce – my ‘must-eat’ dish whenever i go for dim sum. This is yummy too πŸ™‚


Zha leong – a traditional cantonese chee cheong fun with fried dough fritters. This is so far one of the best i have tasted in Singapore, crispy fried dough fritters with nicely timely made chee cheong fun that does not stick to it, dip it in the soy sauce given, its heavenly1


Char siew so – a char siew pastry baked to golden colour.


Ham sui kok (ε’Έζ°΄θ§’) – a traditional cantonese dim sum with vegetables and a little meat in it – love this too …


Egg tarts – My niece’s and my favourite – freshly baked from the oven, came to our table still hot and i couldn’t eat it till it was much cooler. The egg inside is not too sweet and compliments the crispy skin as you Β take a bite!



η…Žε † – a flour snack coated with sesame and deep fried. Very chewy and i love the taste and aroma of sesame. My cousin-in-law’s favourite!

Next up, we had our main dish.


Braised ee fu noodles.

One of the best ee fu noodles i have had in cantonese restaurants. It was not braised too soft nor too hard, timing was just right with the minimal amount of sauce in it plus mushroom and yellow chives. And did i say that each of their chefs has a sticker which will be pasted at the side of the plate for each speciality dish that they have served. This was cooked by a chef with a sticker called ji xiang (吉η₯₯), meaning lucky or auspicious. A highly recommended dish should you drop by at this restaurant for a meal πŸ™‚ Definitely more than just a thumbs up, its marvellous!


Glutinous rice – Steam and then stir fried with chinese sausage (lap cheong) and prawns, topped with fried omelette . Yummy too, as the rice is not too soft πŸ™‚

Lovely meals on precious weekends with our love ones, what more can I ask for?

So if you want some authentic cantonese dim sum or meals, do drop by Imperial Treasure Seafood Restaurant, located at JEM, B1-11, can call them up for reservations @Β 6339 1811. Opening hours are from 11am onwards on weekdays and 10:30am onwards on weekends and public holidays!

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