Gardenia Chocolate Wriggles

Happiness is when you eat something nice

This is one of my favourite, can also say its my all time favourite.
Sad to say, it is not easy to get here in Singapore. Very seldom can I get to see it in the supermarket.

Whenever I see it, I will sure buy it.
This is a soft chocolate cake with chocolate cream inside.

The best thing I like about this, is that it is not too sweet, the taste of the chocolate is nice. Not those fake chemical type or oily type with a smell.
Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling in it. Nom nom~

This cake is not dry at all. It wont makes me thristy or need to eat it with drinks to swallow it down whereby most sponge cakes needs to.

There are 2 cakes in the package. About a lady’s palm size for each cake.
You can bring it along during camp, picnic, outings etc.

Actually I am the person who dislike eating breakfast. Because most breads and cakes will make me thristy. But if I have this, my breakfast will be great!

Do try it if you haven’t~ just love it!!




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