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Today is the grand opening of SG Delight Food at Berseh Food Centre. It is located at level one, unit #01-11 of Berseh Food Centre. SG Delight Food creates a fusion of western, local singaporean, baba and indonesian home foods close to your hearts at reasonable prices. They do not use artificial flavouring or MSG. All are freshly cooked daily and made with natural food ingredients.

You can choose from a variety of set meals with either BBQ sauce half chicken, indonesian style half chicken, beef rendang or sambal chicken drumstick. All set meals comes with steaming hot rice, archar, tempe, hard-boiled egg and fried beancurd. Their half chicken, in BBQ sauce or indonesian style, are made with uncle chef’s specially created secret recipe sauce. You can eat it on its own without rice too! Beef for rendang is soft and tender, not spicy. I would prefer it to be a little spicier though. I love their archar too. Crispy cucumber and carrot slices together with pineapples are marinated with vinegar, chilli and other secret recipe from uncle chef. A little sourish definitely makes the meal more delicious.

Assam pedas stingray is yummy as well. It is a little spicy with some sour from the assam sauce. Stingray meat is soft. I prefer to go with rice.

They have my favourite vegetables- brinjal and long beans. Brinjal is nicely fry with chilli and dry prawns. Its not slimy and soft, like those i find at some mixed vegetables rice stalls. Long beans with onions are crunchy.

Lastly its mine, and i believe its all our favourite-fried chicken wings. Chicken wings are fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its so delicious and addictive that you can’t stop at one. It is served with sambal chilli. The wings are fried on the spot upon ordering, so its guaranteed fresh and hot when served. Thumbs up!!

Thank you for the yummy and delicious food! Will definitely be back for more.

SG Delight Food would like to say a very big thank you to all who came today to show your support. Thank you to A Simple Lifestory for the very beautiful flowers on their opening!

Wishing SG Delight Food great success and prosperity, from all bloggers @A Simple Happiness! Huat ar!!


SG Food Delight @ Berseh Food Centre #01-11


Berseh Food Centre


Chicken Wings with sambal chilli. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Caution: Very addictive, you can’t stop at 1.


Rendang drumstick, archar, egg and rice set


Singapore style half BBQ sauce chicken, archar, fried beancurd and tempe rice set


Indonesian style half BBQ chicken, archar, fried beancurd and tempe rice set


Beef rendang, archar and egg rice set


Assam pedas stingray


Sambal sotong


My favourite very addictive crispy chicken wings that is fried on the spot upon ordering-slurps!!


Beef rendang- beef is tender and soft. Not spicy. Suitable for kids 🙂 Though I prefer it a little more spicy.


Brinjal fried with chilli and long beans with onions. Both are my favourite vegetables-yummy!!


Fresh sotong fry with chilli and black sauce. Tastes yummy when its eaten cold as well!


Curry drumstick-goes very well with a plate of steaming hot rice! Spells s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d!


More curry drumstick. Second round of food.


Assam pedas stingray. You can choose to go along with rice or eat it on its own 🙂


Juicy and crispy fried chicken wings. Erm Uncle chef, can i have more please?




Thank you to A Simple Lifestory for the beautiful flowers!! We love the corns! Yes, real corns 🙂

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