Wrap & Roll – The Best of Vietnamese Food

It is always nice to have a proper lunch everyday, and it would be great to have it with the right group of company. My friends and i had vietnamese cuisine last friday to welcome the weekend. An impromptu lunch decided at 11:30am to avoid the lunchtime crowd and queue at Wrap & Roll.


Menu is a refreshing green colour!


Not a huge restaurant, seats are comfortable and spacious with green as the main colour theme .


Lights reminded us of the hats that the Vietnamese ladies wear, great idea!





If you look closely enough, they actually give you a step by step guide on how to wrap the spring rolls, love this innovative idea where as this can free the waiters from teaching their customers how to do it. A picture speaks louder than words 🙂


Condiments, like chilli sauce and green chilli are located at the side of each table!



Vietnam ice chrysanthemum tea – this is basically chilled chrysanthemum tea with added fragrance of lime juice, taste very refreshing and cool, especially after eating spicy meals.

This is Vietnam drip coffee, my friends ordered ice coffee with milk.


Coffee is being poured into the drip coffee set,


Milk is added at the bottom of the container, with the coffee slowly dripping into it.


We shall slowly wait for the coffee to drip down while waiting for our  meals to be served!


Once its done, drip coffee is being stirred together with milk and added ice – this is the famous Vietnamese drip coffee (with milk)! My colleagues gave a great thumbs up for it, even me who is seated opposite them is enjoying the nice aroma from the coffee 🙂 My guy friend, though like it without milk, he says it is too sweet and will order drip coffee without milk the next time we patronise the restaurant again!


‘Pho’ Beef Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls and Minced Pork in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls. The one with pork is topped with pork floss and fried spring onions while the one with beef is the plain one wrapped with coriander. Lovely combinations of meat and vegetables, great for a group of people who wants to try different types of meat rice paper rolls 🙂


Pho beef noodle soup – Sliced beef with their famous pho (noodles) in clear soup, thumbs up too!



My all time favourite – Pho chicken noodle soup, sliced chicken meat with their ever famous pho (noodles) in clear soup, topped with fresh vegetables and bean sprouts (side). The red chilli sauce goes perfectly well with the chicken and noodle.


Garnished with sliced red chilli and green onions for that perfect look and taste, awesome lunch!


Stir Fried ‘Pho’ Noodles with Beef – A huge serving for my big appetite friend, and even she can’t even finish this plate of noodles. Her comments are ‘yummy!’

Overall, my friends and i had a very pleasant experience and will definitely be back for more!

You can visit their website http://www.wrap-roll.com.sg for more details

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