Review: Milo Granola from Eastern Granola

Happiness is having a healthy breakfast ahead of a busy work schedule 🙂

We would like to thank Eastern Granola for the opportunity to review their product.

As the saying goes ‘Have breakfast like a King, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a pauper’. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It doesn’t take much time to have a hearty breakfast which is both nutritious and delicious. Having granola is one of the simple breakfast made good. Just a normal cup, add in milk (preferably low fat and high calcium milk), put in your desired amount of milo granola and cut in some banana slices. There you have it- easy to prepare, not time consuming and a nutritious breakfast is done! Less than 5 minutes! Did i mention that there’s dark chocolate chips in it also? A good excuse to have some chocolates in the morning to brighten your day 😀 For a healthier version, you can add soya bean milk without sugar instead of milk. Its yummy as well. Highly recommended for milo fans, like meeee~~ Now i don’t have to separately make milo and add in granola. Thank you Eastern Granola for your awesome creation of Milo Granola! I like it as a snack for tea breaks too!

Milo granola is made of rolled oats. Rolled oats is high in nutrition content as well as high in fibre. Instead of using just the dull rolled oats alone, Eastern Granola creatively introduced different South-East Asian flavours with the granola to make it more tasty and interesting. They include Original Granola with dried fruits and nuts, thai inspired Thai Mango Salad Granola, an interesting combination of coconut, curry, chilli, cashews and chocolate to make up the 5Cs Granola and Eastern Muesli with fruits and nuts.

Granolas can be used to make cookies and cheesecake. It adds more crunch to them. They can also be added to yogurt for a high fibre dessert after meal or as tea break.

To maintain the freshness of granola, it is best to keep them in air-tight containers or in the refrigerator once opened.

Eastern Granola’s products are available for purchase online at Alternatively, you can buy them at the following retail stores:

– Active Life Centre @#16-10 Far East Shopping Centre 545 Orchard Road

– HipVan

– Juicy S @#04-00 Bugis Junction Towers 230 Victoria Street (beside California Fitness Bugis)

– Mondays Off @76 Haji Lane

– Peter’s Butchery @32 Siglap Drive

– Revolution Coffee @#01-03A 21 Media Circle

– Slate @15 Swan Lake Avenue

For more information on Eastern Granola, visit their website at

Please show your support for locally produced granola. Do try them and share with us which is your favourite granola 🙂

Enjoy a healthier and nutritious breakfast with Eastern Granola!


Eastern Granola. I like their simple packaging-what you see is what you get!


Milo Granola with dark chocolate chips in it 🙂


Rolled oats, milo powder and dark chocolate chips


My personal style granola- Marigold low fat high calcium milk with milo granola and banana slices-yummy!!



I enjoyed my delicious and healthy granola breakfast. How about you??

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