Magnum Champagne Ice Cream

Happiness is having a unique dessert 🙂

Magnum’s Champagne ice cream caught my attention in the ice box next to the cashier while i was queueing to make payment at 7-Eleven. It says promotion price of buy 2 get 1 free at $8.40! My eyes lit up! Just nice for a sinful dessert after dinner on a weekday.

Its my first time having this Magnum Champagne ice cream. The very attractive shining silver packaging makes it really grand and classy. The same goes for the silver coating on the ice cream itself. One bite into the ice cream immediately wow me! WOW! The Marc de Champagne ice cream with Marc de champagne sauce (alcohol content 0.5% volume ) is light and refreshing. It reduces the sweetness of the milk chocolate coating, so that its not too sweet overall. The fragrant yet light champagne fills my mouth completely and it makes me crave for more. However, as i continue to mesmerise by the champagne ice cream, i find that the silver coating does not really melt, and wonder what it was made of. Any guesses? When i saw the ingredients, i found out that it was nothing more than just a silver colour coating. That’s pretty amazing!

Magnum  Champagne is different from the other Magnum flavours available and the most important point is that the sweetness level is just right for me. If i had to choose among all the Magnum ice creams available, i would definitely choose this champagne one.

Have you tried Magnum Champagne ice cream? Do you like it? Which other Magnum ice cream flavours do you like as well? Share with me~~~

Cheers- with Magnum Champagne Ice Cream!


Promotion of buy 2 get 1 free Magnum Champagne @7-Eleven stores, while stocks last.



Magnum introduces Marc de Champagne ice cream to celebrate its 25th anniversary


Unique silver colour coating, similar to the packaging


The light brown swirls of Marc de Champagne sauce

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