Fresh ‘n’ Tasty Fast Food @Sydney

Happiness is having fish and chips on a holiday in Sydney 🙂

After a long night flight the night before, we arrived at Sydney at 6am in the morning. And we took one hour plus to clear the customs. Spells t-i-r-e-d! So a simple and good meal is very important to start the afternoon off before we go for some sightseeing at Darling Harbour, which houses the famous Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney Zoo.

Australia has always been famous with their fish and chips. So I tried their traditional fish and chips, which comes with salad and fries. The white fish is fried with a thin crust that is crispy on the outside. The white fish is soft and not oily. Just the way i like it 😀 A little lemon juice on it further enhanced the fresh fried fish! Their fries are cut from real potatoes so the entire fries is filled with the soft mashed potato. Its different from the hollow fries we had at most fast food restaurants in Singapore. Fresh greens are used for the salad. It makes the unhealthy fast food a little less sinful, haha~~

My niece chose the beef burger set meal. The beef patty has the same thickness as each of the burger bread that it is placed in between – first time i seen it. Never seen it before in Singapore. Although its thick, but it is very tender and soft. One bite in it brings out the taste of the juicy beef, grilled to perfection. Its so good you can’t help but to bite into it again. Its considered to be quite a big serving for asians, so sharing it is a wise choice.

A healthier choice of the fast food has to be the salmon wrap. It is made up of fresh sliced salmon together with lettuce and tomatoes slices and a little sauce. I love it too. It comes in the right serving size for asian.

Their set meals range from 10 to 15 australian dollars which comes with fries and a cold drink. They do not have chilli sauce there, so if you are a chilli sauce lover, you have to pack some there or you will have to eat without it.

If you are on a short holiday with the kids, going to Darling Harbour to see some indoor attractions. The kids will enjoy a nice fast food meal on their day out before visiting the marine life and animals in the zoo which can easily take up half a day there till the late afternoon.

Enjoy the fast food meal!


Fresh ‘n’ Tasty fast food just next to Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium @Darling Harbour.



Fresh salmon wrap with greens and tomatoes slices-yummy!



Beef burger – 3 of us are sharing it. The beef patty is thick, tender and juicy, really very different from those beef patties we have in Singapore. Highly recommended to try it!



Crispy fish and chips that comes with salad – love it! The white fish is fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Thumbs up!!


A picture of the thin crust crispy fried fish with soft and fresh white fish inside that is not oily – very yummy! Fries are not hollow inside. They are made from whole potatoes, filled completely with the goodness of potatoes, makes one crave for more!

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