Fujiya Japanese Restaurant @Sydney

Happiness is having different cuisines when i travel 🙂

Fujiya is located near the hotel which i stayed on this trip to Sydney. As my niece was eyeing at a taiwanese dessert (see upcoming post) 2 streets away, so we decided to have a light dinner before the dessert.

We had their edamame soy beans and meat gyoza for starters. Edamame are served warm with a little dusting of salt on the pod. The soy beans inside are soft and warm, just nice for the cold weather. Meat gyoza is lightly pan-fried to golden brown on the base. I call it the juicy gyoza because there’s a little meat sauce that is retained inside the gyoza when you bite into it – shiok! Be careful not to be scalded.

We had udon with assorted tempura and nabeyaki udon. The assorted tempura consists of the ebi, green capsicum, brinjal, pumpkin and sweet potato. I tried the brinjal, green capsicum and the pumpkin. They are crispy on the outside and the greens are warm inside – thumbs up! This is so after i finished my nabeyaki udon, including a 15 minutes wait. Wonder how the chef made it this way? The nabeyaki udon is served in a little black dainty pot. I always like nabeyaki udon as it is a dish that can never go wrong, wherever i had it. Its like a comfort food for me – awwww~~ I thought it would taste nicer if they put in mushroom, like those you find in Singapore.

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant is located at 605-609 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. They open from 6pm to 11pm on mondays to thursdays, 6pm to 12am on fridays and saturdays and closed on sundays. Their food are reasonably priced at 20 to 30 australian dollars per person.

Definitely recommend all to try Fujiya Japanese Restaurant when you visit Sydney as it is a great place to have a warm dinner with your family or a group of close friends. You can try more of the specialties when more people are there to share the happiness of yummy food 🙂 I will be there again when i visit Sydney next time, including the Fujipan bakery shop next to it where they have very interesting japanese bread.

Itadakimasu – with clasped hands and slight bow.


Fujiya Japanese Restaurant front. I also like the Fujipan next door that sells interesting bread 🙂


Greeted by this beautifully printed stand that maybe says Fujiya’s winter specialties (i can’t read japanese) while walking up the steps to the second floor to be seated.


Computerised touch screen ordering made possible by technology. Edamame is warm. Meat gyoza is yummy too!


Crispy and not oily assorted tempura of ebi (prawn), capsicum, pumpkin, brinjal and sweet potato.


Plain udon in miso soup base served with assorted tempura.


My favourite – nabe udon, miso soup base with fish cake, egg, chicken cubes and rbi tempura. Well-worth the 15 minutes wait as its being cook in the little black pot, yummy!

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