High-Tea @Parisi, Sydney

Happiness is having high-tea on a weekday afternoon without agenda on a holiday 🙂

Its our free and easy day at Sydney. We decided to take a walk down to QVB a few streets away for our shopping spree. I was attracted by the display of sweets and frozen yogurt of this small cafe at the ground floor of QVB – tea break for us!

We are attended to by the friendly staffs at Parisi to our seats. And we didn’t have to wait long before our orders are served!

We had the hot chocolate, a long black coffee, 2 macaroons, white chocolate drizzled berries, orange almond cake, and a chocolate and banana muffin to share.

Hot chocolate comes in a small transparent glass cup, accompanied by a pinkish marshmallow instead of the normal biscuit which we had in Singapore. The marshmallow proved good when eaten on its own but too sweet to go with the hot chocolate. I was perked up immediately by the fragrant long black coffee that was served. Good smell, great taste – best to go with a cake or muffin. The orange and almond cake was moist and refreshing. There is little almond taste (which i am glad as i am not an almond lover), perhaps overshadowed by the citrus flavour of orange. Love the warm chocolate and banana muffin, very soft and not sweet even though there’s chocolate in it.  My favourite sweets of all – white chocolate drizzled berries, served in a handmade foldable leaf (not sure if its banana leaf?). Sweet white chocolate are drizzled on top of mixed berries that are of combined but not equal, sweet and sour taste. This perfect combination resulted in the best dessert i had, with the right amount of sweetness with a tinge of sourness that remains (from the raspberries, i think). The white chocolate cleverly masked away most of the sourness. Who would have thought of this perfect sweet? Awwww… Feel like having another one! But resisted – think calories – opps!

My niece had both the mixed berries and salted caramel macaroons. She loved both of them.

Parisi cafe is located at the ground floor of QVB, Sydney. Its located at 455 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. They have another outlet Parisi – Harbourside that specialised in frozen yogurt, salads, juices and chocolate coated fruit pops that are good to-go.

Do try their sweets and food when you are in Sydney 🙂 I highly recommend the white chocolate drizzled berries. You won’t regret a perfect sweet at a reasonable price!


Frozen yogurt with fruits and whole grains – healthy tea break at an affordable price, around 5 australian dollars per serving


Macaroons – Mixed berries macaroon in red and salted caramel macaroon in yellow


Small serving of hot chocolate with a cute pinkish marshmallow to go with


Moist orange almond cake


White chocolate drizzled berries – don’t you just love the colours?


Chocolate and banana muffin, served warm

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