Review- Oppo N1 Mini
I have the chance to try on the oppo phone and blew is what I think about the phone
For Opponent N1 mini, the big draw is definitely the rotating camera bringing taking selfie to a whole new level, with it’s 13megapixel camera lens, one can get good quality image.
The gesture control for this phone is something new to, one can assign a gesture to an app and open the app on the lock screen. This is good as the placement of the on/off screen is on the left of the phone which makes it somewhat inconvenience.
The camera take good quality picture with nice Colour under bright area. It’s photo editing tools on the camera app is worth a mention too. It is good enough for tuning of photos Colours adjustment so one do not need a third party app.

The downside however is lack of a SD card for expansion as by default the phone already took up 3ghz of default program.
Another drawback will be the battery life. I need to charge the phone daily even without using it for streaming of videos.
I think it’s a phone that is good in it’s camera and some gesture control experience

Overall it’s a good phone with good camera especially for someone who takes lot of selfie, say bye bye to mediocre front facing camera.

Review by: Doreamon1994


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