Review: OPPO FIND 7


My experience with Oppo find 7 is a good one, Although the back case is make of plastic it still give one a premium feel.

Find 7 has a beautiful screen, a high resolution screen, this makes the screen bright and nice. It’s good to see what N1 mini can do Find 7 can do better. The features of opening up apps on the lock screen and double tapping to wake up the phone makes this phone a better user experience that it’s competitor but of course if you are switching from samsung and iphone, this need some getting use to.

Oppo find 7 has a 32gh built in space, it can be further increase with microsd card this giving user a whole lot of space.

However find 7 lacks a stand out features like the N1 camera, it’s does not rotate but still give good quality photos take with it’s 13 megapixel sony lens.

With the high resolution screen, the battery takes a hit, I need to charge the phone daily to ensure that I have enough juice for the whole of next day.

With it’s specs, a powerful engine, a lot of space, high resolution screen and LTE phone, The price of oppo find 7 is reasonably cheap.

What I recommend is if you are intending to get this phone, an additional battery will come in useful.

Oppo website:

Also available in Singtel from $348 …

Review by: Doreamon1994



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