McDonald X Line Special Plush

After the craze of Hello Kitty plush collectibles, McDonald brings us the LINE Plush collectibles …

Super cute, available from 5 Jan 2015 onwards, each cost $4.90 with purchase of any extra value meal …

1 design every week …

CONY from 5 JAN
Sally from 12 Jan
Brown from 19 Jan
Moon from 26 Jan
Leonard from 2 Feb

product_cony_photoproduct_sally_photoproduct_brown_photo  product_moon_photoproduct_leonard_photo  product_allset_photo

And a special ‘Forever Love Edition’ available on 9 Feb at $19.80 with any extra value meal. N you need show the crew your LINE app to purchase this set.

You can also purchase all at one go @ @ $70 per set

  • A set of 5 McDonald’s X LINE Plush Collectibles
  • Five $5 Extra Value Meal™ vouchers

p/s: Forever Love edition is not available for purchase online … so you still need to queue up to buy the special edition 🙂

For more information visit …

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