Potato & Ham Loaf from Bread Society

Happiness is having a yummy breakfast to start the day off (:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, having a good and hearty breakfast is of utmost important to me as my day at work requires me to be on my feet almost the whole day.

Bread Society’s potato and ham loaf is super yummy! One whole piece of ham together with cut cubes of soft potatoes are placed in the soft white bread dough baked with a good amount of cheese on top. so delicious i don’t mind having more of it 😛

One loaf is priced at $4.50.

Bread Society is located at the basement of Ion, Orchard, at the same level where Food Opera is.

Bread Society sells other gourmet bread as well. Which of their bread or pastries do you like? Share with me.


See the potato & ham in the loaf




Cut & packed sideways to allow customers to see the contents of potato & ham



Having my yummy breakfast! Have a good one (:

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