Macadamias by Nutorious, Sydney

‘Hand cooked by a couple of nuts in Australia’ – Their caption caught my attention. Very creative!

Nutorious is a small shop at the corner of the basement of QVB mall, Sydney selling assorted nuts.

Made of solely 100% macadamias. My mum love the oven roasted macadamias with a little salt sprinkled on them. I love the caramelised macadamias. Even though its coated with caramels, its not too sweet and i could still taste the macadamias.

Macadamias make a healthy snack in between meals as compared to chips or chocolates. They are also a healthier choice to add onto cereals or yogurt for an added flavour.

Price is a little steep at australian $8 for a 100 grams pack. They have a variety of nuts to choose from. If you are a macadamia lover, do try them when you are in Sydney.

Good job to “Hand cooked by a couple of nuts in Australia’!


Simple packing of the macadamias


My favourite – caramelised macadamias for the sweet tooth


Slightly salted oven roasted macadamias



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