IIaoIIao Natural Frozen Yogurt


Interesting name and pronunciation. Its spelled as llaollao and say as ‘yao yao’. So cute!

Wanted to try it for a few times but gave up just looking at the long queue. Finally managed to try it on a saturday late morning after breakfast outside. Since the queue is not too long, i decided to try the small cup with just one topping of banana nut crunch to satisfy my craving. It was quite a tall yogurt in a cup, having the height of a macdonalds icecream on a cone. The banana nut crunch adds a crunch to the plain yogurt in the cup, just like what i always had with other yogurt brand. Its good as well.

You can choose to have them in 3 or more toppings or have it on a plastic cone, like an ice cream. Or you can have it in Sanum, which is 3 layers of fresh fruits with muesli and honey in between frozen yogurt. Wow!! Looks yummy! This is what i will try the next round.

llaollao can be found at Wisma Atria, Westgate, West Mall, Singapore Polytechnic, NUH, Bugis, Plaza Singapura, Uni.ted Square, NTU etc

Have you tried llaollao? Good yogurt in a fun way (: Have fun playing mix and match!

2) llao llao-Shop Front2

Small shop front with a kitchen behind the false wall

3) llao llao-Yogurt Condiments

Look at the variety of fruits and toppings they have!!

4) llao llao-Yogurt Cups with Fruits

Different sizes of the cups for yogurt

7) llao llao-Small Cup Yogurt with Banana Nut Crunch2

My small cup yogurt with banana nut crunch at $4.90 with a long green spoon

9) llao llao-Small Cup Yogurt with Banana Nut Crunch4

The top view.

Let’s dig in. Nom nom nommmm, yummy!

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