Hot Cross Buns by Cedele

Happiness is sharing nice food with everyone 🙂

Chanced upon Cedele’s hot cross buns yesterday while out on an errand.

Looks so yummy with four different flavours classic, chocolate, maple and pandan. Seems like the classic and chocolate are their bestsellers as there was only one of them left. I bought the remaining ones and two each of pandan and maple, which adds to a total of 6. Six hot cross buns cost $11. Each one is priced at $1.90.

My favourite is still the classic hot cross bun with cinnamon and raisins.

Do you like hot cross buns? Share with me what flavours you like.

Happy Easter everyone!

Nice box packing by Cedele. You could request if you buy 6 of their hot cross buns.

Side view

Yummy-licious hot cross buns 😛

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