Haigh’s Dark Rocky Road

Happiness is sharing sweets😋!
I tried Haigh’s dark chocolate coated marshmallow for the first time 7 yrs ago when i went to Sydney in winter. The cool temperature kept the chocolate coating hard while the marshmallows inside soft. My friend and i easily ate the whole packet of 200grams while walking around town. We have to admit that both of us are addicted to it and we both went back to buy more😱 the dark chocolate tones down the sweetness from the marshmallow👍👍

Thank you to my dear friend who bought my favourite dark chocolate coated marshmallows with hazelnuts, berries and raisins! Yummy-licious!
Haigh’s chocolate is a 100% australia product. They have other assorted chocolates fpr you to choose from. Do try them when you are in Australia.
Their rocky road comes coated with milk chocolate too- of you like them sweeter!

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