Honey Creme Ice Cream

Happiness is sharing sweets with people!

Wanted to try Honey Creme ice cream for some time but haven’t had the chance. Finally tried it today! I had the Teh-C ice cream made up of teh-c and milk ice cream together with some cookie crumbles, tea-flavoured jello and qq pearls. Nice!

My mum tried their Comb Honey ice cream cup which is made up of milk ice cream drizzled with honey sauce. She likes it!

I would like to try their Pandan Gula Melaka next time.

Have you eaten any ice cream from Honey Creme? Share with us which of the unique flavour you like best?

Happy ice-cream-ing! 

Colourful ice cream cones on display

Honey combs in small slabs

Comb Honey @$5.50

Unique Singapore flavour: Teh-C @$5.80

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