Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangan @Ion Orchard

Its my favourite time of the year for gathering and catching-up with my friends during this christmas festive season.

And besides having good company, food and ambience are the other 2 considerations that i take note of so we can enjoy our gathering😊

Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangan is where i had my first high-tea gathering with my close girlfriends this year. Chef Luke incorporates modern australian cuisine into the fine dining concept in Salt Grill & Sky Bar.

A lift at Level 4 Ion Orchard takes you directly up to Level 55 where the restaurant is. I specifically asked for a window seat for our high-tea so we can enjoy the nice city view.

Afternoon tea platter for 4 of us with either tea or coffee at $38 per person. You can also have it with a glass of wine at $48 per person. I will mention a few of the sweets on the platter that i like personnally. First is the ham & turkey beetroot tortilla on the left of the top tray. I don’t really like beetroot due to the raw taste it has but this has none of it, only the juicy sweet taste-well done! Second is the chocolate & jam lamington topped with a raspberry on the right of the middle tray. Its a perfect combination that neutralise the sour raspberry and sweet cake. It goes well with my cup of unsweetened Ronnefeldt Tea-caddy english breakfast tea. Lastly is the coffee macaroon & citrus marshmallow on the left & middle of the bottom tray. Coffee macaroon, according to my 3 other friends, goes well with black coffee as it makes the coffee less bitter. Citrus marshmallows are so soft and very refreshing after you had all the sweets from the platter👍🏻

Tasmania oysters in tempura wasabi are crispy and light on the outside and the oysters inside are juicy👍🏻its my first time having the raw oysters with coconut and nam jin dressing-*slurps* they are so fresh and juicy! I highly recommend these 2 dishes!

Truffle oil parmesan french fries. I like  it how they use shredded parmesan cheese that doesn’t overpower the light truffle taste👍🏻

Fresh & juicy tasmanian salmon sashimi with shallots, ginger & feta cheese.

Love the warm scones that were served with jam & cream together with the afternoon tea platter😋

City view outside, which unfortunately was drizzling outside during this monsoon season. But we still managed wefies before the storm comes.

Overall, i enjoyed the fresh seafood from Tasmania, the nice ambience of the fine dining as well as my girlfriends company at Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Level 55 of Ion Orchard. I would recommend for high-tea in the afternoon or some wine with some close friends or your partner at night, with the brightly light night view. Do make a reservation with them to avoid disappointment.

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