Fiesta Hokkaido Milk Cheesecake

Happiness is having dessert after lunch on a weekday 🙂
Thank you Cecilia for buying us this small Feista cheesecake so we can have it as a dessert after our lunch on a weekday. Small so that we won’t be adding on many extra calories after lunch-perfect!
Feista hokkaido cheescake is made of 100% hokkaido milk. It must be refrigerated and served chilled. So that when you cut it, its not soft.
A small slice is good enough for me. Almost always couldn’t resist having a second piece-opps! This light but rich cheescake melts slowly in your mouth to bring out the cheesy and milky flavour. Its not too sweet as well.
It comes in original, chocolate, matcha and other flavours.
Feista hokkaido cheesecake is available at all Ichiban Sushi and Ichiban Boshi outlets, selected Kuriya Fresh Fish market and Men-ichi outlets.
Have you tried Feista hokkaido cheesecake? Share with me what flavour do you like?






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