Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Happiness is sharing yummy-licious foodie!

Met up with our good friend from Hong Kong who came back to Singapore after a long while. We decided to try Serenity spanish food for a change from our usual western routine.

Our mocktails!

Left: Mango Tropicano-mango puree & pineapple drink top with sweet cherries.

Right: Apple Tempo-apple syrup with mint leaves and lime.

Both are very refreshing on a hot day.

The tapas we haf as starters.

Top: Tortilla Espanola-omelette with onions and potatoes. Very fragrant potato with no onion taste. Overall still yummy cos i am a potato lover!

Middle: Bunuelos de Bacalao- fried cod fish cake in spanish style. This must be eaten when still warm. When cold, the cod fish will be fishy and definitely not something non-fish lovers will enjoy.

Bottom: Chipirones fritos con alioli-fried baby squid with a little salty taste. It is similar to the normal fried calamari in most restaurant. Its a dish that can’t go wrong.

1/4 Platter which consists of 1/4 roasted suckling pig with chicken, beef and pork sausages, roasted potato, salad and spanish style cabbage. The roasted suckling pig is crispy and the meat is juicy. It goes well with both their special sauce and jam. Lovely!

Our dessert, or rather i should say its my dessert cos i ate most of it! Churros! Icing on cooled churros dipped in warm chocolate sauce-heavenly! Can i have one more please?

Happiness is being happily full! *Burp*

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